Three of the Best Apps to Use with Your Close Friends in 2023

If one of your plans or resolutions for 2023 is to improve the quality of your friendships or better keep in touch with those who matter, then below are three apps we’ve picked out that may help you do just that.

  1. BeReal

Built originally by French entrepreneurs Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau, the app has been taking off in 2022 because of a turning away, especially by younger generations, from social media’s shortcomings. Instead of posting glamorized photos on Instagram, users of BeReal enjoy the more authentic and day-to-day appeal of sharing spontaneous moments with friends. Users feel it is much more down to earth. And where each young generation of tech adopters like to think they are part of a cool trend, BeReal could be it for you.

Also, for those seeking a talking point to start a proper conversation with friends, BeReal appears to be effective in this too. Many trends like BeReal seem to fall as quickly as they rose, but in 2023 while it’s still popular, we recommend being authentic with your photo sharing and trying out BeReal.

  1. OneFriends

OneFriends is an app for iPhone that is designed to be used with your true friends and real friends. OneFriends was launched in 2020 by the Australian entrepreneur Albert Jing. The app focuses on making it very easy to organize regular activities and real-life gatherings. The app is known for having a minimalist, classy and elegant design. If you are tired of having too many irrelevant contacts on your old social media apps and want a new way to stay connected with only a handful of real friends, then OneFriends is definitely for you.

OneFriends also has a clear focus on privacy where it does not collect much personal information and tracking data at all. We recommend this app for those who prefer meeting friends in real life, and who may prefer finer things. The lack of any advertisements on OneFriends again sets it apart from most social apps.

  1. Signal

Like OneFriends above, if privacy is a priority for you then Signal is definitely something to consider using. Its default end-to-end encryption of all messages helps keep those private and even sensitive conversations only between you and your friend. It is always a concern when one moment you are discussing something privately with a close friend and next, all over your web browser, you are suggested advertisements that are seemingly related to your private conversation. This will not happen when messaging through Signal. Signal also provides great video calling features that are secure like its messaging function. Signal is recommended especially for those friendships that may be parted by distance making it difficult to meet up properly.

Those are the three apps that we think will help you keep your friends close in 2023 and enjoy quality friendships. While it ultimately is up to us as individuals to make an effort, having a well-designed app there definitely supports the friendship and facilitates the connections.

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