7 Jobs That Promise a Great Work-Life Balance

A sufficient work-life balance is necessary for employees to lead a happy and healthy life. Many of us have taken time off from work to unwind and relax and not think about work. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But finding the perfect work-life balance is still a struggle for many of us. It has almost become un-attainable when time-off isn’t approved when you want. 

A work-life balance is important for your physical and mental health. While your idea of downtime after work might be to catch your favorite show with DirecTV Stream packages or read a good book, nothing compares to having a job that makes achieving a good work-life balance easy.

If you want to have a personal life and a rewarding profession side by side, consider these careers that offer a great work-life balance and promote better employee health, job satisfaction, and flexibility.

  • DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is either a system administrator or a developer who is into network operations and deployment. These people are great with re-engineering processes, coding, and collaboration. Becoming a DevOps engineer is rewarding in terms of job satisfaction, growth opportunities, work-life balance, and money. DevOps engineers can make up to $110,000 per year. 

  • Corporate Recruiter

Headhunters are responsible for finding the best candidates to fill in an open job position at a company. Corporate recruiters can work without any time constraints, therefore focusing more on quality than quantity. As a headhunter, you’re not required to work odd hours. Plus, you also spend most of your day talking to interesting people and top candidates, all the while, making $65,000 per year. Corporate recruiters can work remotely which is a huge plus. If you plan on becoming one, make sure you have a solid internet connection in place. AT&T Home Internet is a great choice, to begin with. 

  • Data Scientist

If you have good problem-solving skills and enjoy working with data, you can pick this legitimate career path. It comes with above-average flexibility which allows you to work on your own schedule, remote or hybrid. Data scientists help multiple industries in collecting and parsing information to make well-informed decisions. You must be a Computer Science grad with a strong understanding of coding, programming, and statistics. The median salary of a data scientist is $94,300.

  • UX Designer

Being a UX designer comes with a greater work-life balance score and even more money. UX is short for user experience. UX designers are responsible for determining the experience and quality of what it’s like to interact with the product by the company – usually an app or game. Consider UX design if you want good money and better work-life balance. The median salary is $98,000 for a UX designer. 

  • Statistician

If you’re looking for a job in business or STEM, consider becoming a Statistician. They’re high in demand and their expertise is considered undeniably valuable across multiple industries globally. As a statistician, your primary duty is to collect and gather data, analyze it and report their findings. The nature of the work promises low stress, great money, and extreme flexibility. It’s a great choice for those wanting to pursue a career that will allow them to balance their personal lives and work well. The median salary of a Statistician is $91,000. 

  • Health Services Manager

A health services manager work in health care settings, clinics, and hospitals to ensure operations run smoothly. Their primary duties include, but are not limited to, building future strategies, setting budgets, and overseeing staff. While it’s a full-time position generally, managers have some flexibility to pick how many hours they want to spend on site. The median salary of a Medical and Health Services Manager is $100,900. 

  • Fitness Professional

A job that blends fun with work doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Nursing homes, schools, nature parks, and summer camps, among other places, are always looking to hire fitness professionals. They’re required to be fit, have good health, and have a high-school diploma to work as a fitness expert. While improved well-being and health are byproducts of maintaining a decent work-life balance, fitness professionals have a career that naturally leads to those results. Plus they get to work outdoors too, which is refreshing!

To Wrap It Up

Being busy all the time has now become the definition of ‘hustle’ and ‘success’. But devoting your entire time of the day to work isn’t everyone’s top priority. You need to recharge and refresh to meet professional demands. Consider these 7 career paths if the work-life balance is your priority. 

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